Geoff Tate Splits From Queensryche. Time to Get Excited by the 'ryche Again?

Even though I think this is 20 years overdue I’m actually still stunned that I came across this news via Metal Insider. Geoff Tate had been with Queensryche since the beginning and it just seems weird to read that he is out of the band. Of course it’s no surprise considering that this year has had Geoff embarking on a solo album and a mini tour, fights with other band members, the rest of Queensryche forming a “side” project with the singer of Crimson Glory and playing the old classics better then they’ve been played for years.

That is the new promo pic with new singer Todd La Torre and if there was any doubt that he is a great replacement for Geoff Tate here is him singing the classics.

So I’m excited for this new era of Queensryche and hoping there won’t be a battle for this name by two different entities like so many other bands are doing. Geoff Tate can go be pompous and act like he’s the epitome of class and culture amid vaudevillian themes, Anton Lavey looks, and wine tasting while the rest of Queensryche hopefully tries to bring back elements that made them great so long ago. Who knows maybe Degarmo might want to come back now. One can only hope. For a complete rundown of the Queensryche drama to this point head over to Billboard who actually broke this news.


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