Kamelot Announces New Vocalist. It's Tommy Karevik. Who?

At last this can be put to bed. Thomas Youngblood and Kamelot have finally announced a new vocalist to replace Roy Khan. It’s Tommy Karevik from Sweden. “Who!?!?!?” many of you might be saying and trust me, I did to but apparently the 30 year old vocalist has been fronting a band called ‘Seventh Wonder’. After the jump is some press quotes and some evidence of his abilities and then my thoughts on this.

Youngblood states: “We had around 800 candidates for the vacant position, among them a number of really renowned musicians, and having to reject them really wasn’t easy. We want to thank all the applicants, thank you for your understanding and we wish you all lots of success in the future!”

In their search for a new singer, Thomas Youngblood found YouTube to be an amazing tool: “I listened to a clip of a studio production featuring Tommy and have to confess that his performance really amazed me. His approach to melodies and themes suits KAMELOT perfectly, and during our European shows we had plenty of opportunity to find out what a great guy he is.”

Here is Tommys appearance as a guest vocalist on the 2011 Pandamonium tour which appears to have been more of a final audition tryout to see how well the final candidates did on a live setting.

Here is some quotes from Tommy himself:

Tommy states: “The tour was a lot of fun and I met a lot of nice people and got some good experience. The guys were super nice and we had a great time together! By then I was really into the band’s music and had fallen in love with the amazingly loyal and dedicated fans at every show.”

“I am so honored to now be a part of this family and I can`t wait to move into the new era of the band together with the guys. I fully understand that this comes with great responsibility and that it will be a big challenge for me as a singer as well as a person, but you can rest assured I will give it my all. From this day, a new journey has begun and I am really eager to meet you all along the way to share my passion for this music!”

Here is Tommy Karevik’s former band World’s end to get a better idea of his vocal style.

Alright, so as promised here is my thoughts on this whole thing. Firstly, I’m glad a vocalist was finally found. While It’s great the Roy Khan departure article is my most viewed article in the history of TDM, anyone that is a Kamelot fan that is still looking that up needs to get your head out of your ass. Roy Khan has been gone for a long time now and Tommy Karevik is the new singer.

I find it fascinating that even though Kamelot is based out of Florida this is the second time a vocalist was recruited from a Scandinavian country. You mean to tell me that in a country of 400 million people and there wasn’t a homegrown person worthy of being a front man?

I see that Tommy cleans up nice going from the video above to the promo pic in the banner. Thomas Youngblood, could we be more obvious you were going for the appealing to women factor? Not to mention the stylish goatee look is being retained though it’s a different singer. Kamelot does not need to be a boy band to be good, sir.

As far as the vocal evidence of Mr. Karevik is concerned, so far I’m going to have to be ‘that guy’ and say he is a pale imitation to Roy Khan. There is no unique distinction to his vocals which is what made the Roy Khan era so successful. The final jury will be out I suppose for when the new album releases. But, in the Kamelot universe this is big news so I will be waiting for your comments and thoughts on this. Let me know what you think.


6 responses to “Kamelot Announces New Vocalist. It's Tommy Karevik. Who?

  1. After listening to the first video..I was getting all up in arms. Then I went back and listened to Roy live at Wacken back in 08 and I became…less angry.Roy was losing it and I respect his decision to get out before he completely ruined the image he built over the years. Having said that, he is still my favorite vocalist of all time, over any music Genre, and if He ever makes any more music (of ANY genre), then I will listen to it. The Roy Khan Era was and will forever be Kamelot’s glory days. Will I still buy Kamelot’s new album? Sure, but only out of a sense of obligation.

  2. I caught both bands a couple years back at ProgPower. Kamelot had the guy from Circus Maximus on vocals – decent fill in. Seventh Wonder was pretty good, but I didn’t think he would be the new guy. Still, looking forward to the album, although I believe Kamelot are markedly superior live compared to the studio.

  3. Are you sure it;s the same singer in the Seventh Wonder video.. hmm… I guess a little hair color, a shave and a landing strip on your chin can do wonders..

  4. I highly recommend to everyone to check out more music by Tommy and not just the links above. Seventh Wonder is an outstanding band and he’s one of the best singers metal has. Alley Cat is a wonderful song, but not representative for the band at all. If you have 30 minutes spare, check out the song The Great Escape – a real masterpiece. Also there are other Kamelot clips with Tommy on YouTube. He’s an incredible vocalist – to me the only possible choice for Kamelot there is.

  5. Tommy is still a better pick than Fabio. Kamelot evolved too far from the power metal where Fabio is godlike. Fabio would fit more the old Kamelot (Replacing Vanderbilt as vocals). But man would i be happy if Roy was 20 years younger, and still in Kamelot.

  6. Ok, just saw them in Atlanta and I must say they were awesome. Tommy was amazing. In my honest opinion, he channeled Roy in the utmost. Which was not a bad thing. All the music up to this point centered around Roy. Maybe, like Nightwish, he will establish himself separate from the previous. But until I hear Silverthorne, I will hold further comment.

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