Want to Check Out Metallica’s Hipster Orion Festival Live?

I hadn’t talked about Metallica’s Orion Festival in Atlantic city because let’s face it, Metallica doesn’t really deserve any more press from me based on recent events like the release of Lulu. But they have indeed organized a festival based on my favorite instrumental track by them and unfortunately the lineup to this festival is a hipsters wet dream. Go here and check out the lineup and as an added bonus you can watch the concert live. As of this writing Modest Mouse is up and they suck. I’m pissed that half that lineup I will miss though because they’re on the second stage and I did miss Volbeat’s set. But you get to see Metallica for free so there ya go if you care about that. They will be playing the complete Ride the Lightning album tonight in reverse order and tomorrow night they will be playing the Black Album in it’s entirety. If you’re not burned out on that album by now check it out. Metallica does still put on a good show even if their music choices have been poor for a long time.


2 responses to “Want to Check Out Metallica’s Hipster Orion Festival Live?

  1. Seriously, wearing pink rainbow shorts and blue polished nails makes me wonder about that lead singer from that last crap band that played. I think I had those rainbow shorts when I was 8….

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