Pulled from the Abyss: PelleK, Borgne

For this week’s Pulled From The Abyss, there are just two bands that I want to go over: PelleK and Borgne.

First up is PelleK. PelleK is a guy from Norway who is the lead singer of the UK based symphonic band Damnation Angels and also the singer of US based progressive rockers The Anabasis. He just put out a solo album as well called “Bag of Tricks”. First of all, PelleK is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard in my life-My jaw was literally dropping to the floor when I heard one of his songs for the first time last week. His music will appeal more to power metal fans than anyone else, but give him a listen even if you don’t like power metal-he’s got the pipes and is destined for greatness. Check out these two songs, the first from his solo album “Bag of Tricks” and the second from the band Damnation Angels.

Now at the opposite end of the musical spectrum is Borgne who describe themselves as atmospheric/industrial black metal. While I personally don’t hear much industrial in their sound, what I do hear is phenomenal black metal. The band’s album “Royaume des Ombres” is fantastic, so far one of the best black metal albums that I’ve heard this year. The album however is not for those with short attention spans as the album is over 50 minutes yet only 6 tracks long! Check the song “Suffer As I Paid My Grave” and get the album.


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