Pulled from the Abyss: Epitimia, Ethereal Architect

The first band I want to go over is Russia’s Epitimia whose album “Faces of Insanity” is out on July 14th. Now, I know a lot of metalheads have a problem with black metal as some of it is, quite frankly, ridiculous. But, take a listen to Epitimia as they break the standard mold of a lot of black metal: Yes the screeching vocals are here and the creepy ambience, but they also combine such things as atmospheric rock and other interesting sounds into the mix. The result is an excellent album that just begs to be heard-Check the album out when it releases. You will not be disappointed.

Ethereal Architect are a progressive metal band from Texas whose album “Monolith” was released on May 11th 2012. One problem I have with a lot of progressive metal bands is that they focus on a lot of noodling and dragging the songs out really long for no particular reason. Ethereal Architect are different than a lot of prog bands in that not only do they make epic songs, they make hooky epic songs that don’t drag on endlessly! What a concept! Check the video out for “Revolutions” below.


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