Pulled from the Abyss: Evil Lucifera, Hessler,

The first band that I want to go over for this edition of Pulled from the Abyss is Evil Lucifera from Italy. Evil Lucifera is a solo project of -duh- Evil Lucifera who formed the project after experiences in bands where she was unable to her music and compositional skills. She plays some excellent symphonic black metal that fans of bands like Dimmu Borgir will love. Her album “Atrium Infernalis” was recently released and anyone who is even remotely into black metal should check it out. Hopefully she gets a lot more recognition soon as she belongs in the top tier of symphonic black metal. Check the album out after watching the below video for “Desecretion’s Silence”

Next up on the complete opposite end of the metal spectrum is Chicago’s Hessler. Somehow despite being self-released the band has managed to get over 3,000 “likes” on Facebook which is an impressive feat. The best way to describe Hessler would be as a female fronted Too Fast for Love era Motley Crue replete with hooky songs and badass image to boot. If you like early 80s style metal you will love these guys. The band’s album “Bad Blood” is great fun and catchy as hell.


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