Among The Living: Sin Theorem

Sin Theorem is a band out of Lansing, Michigan that I’m not entirely familiar with. The band was suggested to me by HAM of Metal Meltdown on This five piece band has been tearing it up since the demise of Phoenix, Arizona based band, The Anvil Chorus. They kind of remind me a bit of Soldiers of Scrape, also from Michigan, but would most likely be compared to the sounds of Lamb Of God. I’m sure they probably don’t like to be compared to other bands, but it’s a compliment to the band nonetheless.

Sin Theorem consists of Chad Miller on vocals, Tony Massey on guitar and vocals, Peter Meyers on bass, Alex Diesel on guitars, and Ronnie Lee Graham on Drums. They currently have an EP called The Immaculate Deception, released in 2010 and is looking to release a full length album this year. You can check out their songs in the reverbnation Player below and if you like what you hear, visit and buy the EP.


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