Randy Blythe Killed Someone?! Say What?

I saw this on Metalsucks but since they’re possibly getting hammered with page views I’ll post something here as well. It appears that a Czech news site is reporting that a Lamb of God show had to be cancelled due to vocalist Randy Blythe being arrested for manslaughter. No other details are given other then the incident in question too place in 2010. This quite obviously is a bombshell and we’ll be keeping tabs on it as it progresses but I do have to say that it’s awful weird that Blythe quits Twitter a couple of months ago and now this happens. But if there is truly a manslaughter incident, shouldn’t he have been arrested already and this be in court by now? It’s confusing and hopefully the news will be clearer in the coming days.


One response to “Randy Blythe Killed Someone?! Say What?

  1. NME reports that Prague police issued a statement saying that Blythe was “arrested” and “charged him with the crime of bodily harm of 4th degree and resulting in the death of the fan.”

    However, the Metal band’s PR rep Maria Ferrero issued a statement saying that “no formal charges have yet been made and the case is only in the investigation stages.”

    At least you Lamb of God keeps it brutal!

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