Randy Blythe Manslaughter Update. Now with Video Evidence.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the Randy Blythe manslaughter case for a few days now and while I haven’t posted every press release from everyone sort of involved I have been waiting for some news beyond how long his stay was and how much bail was posted for. Which by the way was set at 4 million crowns or 200,000 dollars U.S. currency. While that is good news that Randy was able to meet bail and at least be free for trial, what really makes this a circus is that the Czech website Nova has a very brief clip of the incident in question. Around the 55 second mark you see not just Blythe but apparently security both throw this Daniel kid in the crowd. Also it appears he tried to get back on stage again and rolled back off in pain. Check it out at this link. *Update* Here is the video now on Youtube.

If you translate that article in Google you will see a heavy bias from the media against Randy Blythe. Here is my take. No one should ever die for the music they love. I don’t care what country you’re from, the club should either have a policy of no stage diving in place or the audience should be fully aware of the risk they take by coming up onstage during a performance. Make them sign a waiver before entering the venue. It protects the club and the bands. Honestly bands like Lamb of god play so many shows I don’t see how anyone is supposed to remember every instance like this. Especially if it happens frequently.

Unless the front man invites people on stage, stay the fuck off of it. You can hang with your favorite bands before or after a show but stay off the stage during the set. After Dimebag, security is not going to put up with uninvited people on stage and you take your life into your hands by getting up there. You gamble even if invited by jumping off the stage and landing in a bunch of people. Hopefully Randy Blythe is exonerated as his lawyers state he will be. It’s a shame the kid died and I understand the heartache, anger, and frustration of the parents in this but Blythe didn’t set out to damage or kill anyone. Maybe this will be a lesson learned for other concert goers. On a side note, Randy probably should have found a different hoodie to wear. Obituary is the last thing I’d want to have on my chest if I was being accused of killing someone and I was fighting for innocence.


4 responses to “Randy Blythe Manslaughter Update. Now with Video Evidence.

  1. Interesting. Now that we have video footage, we can better judge this. As you mentioned, Blythe wasn’t the only one pushing the kid off the stage, so why is he the only one being prosecuted? Also, the article makes it sound like he was a fugitive for two years before he “made the mistake of voluntarily came to Prague for a concert”. Why is it no one heard about this until now? I suspect that he wasn’t even aware of it until they arrested him.

    As for the Obituary hoodie, I got the impression that the clothes he wore at the court date were the ones he was wearing at the time of his arrest, so I don’t think he had much of a choice there.

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  3. From the video, it looks like any other stage show where a drunken fan jumps up on stage and gets thrown off. Granted, he was thrown rather forcefully, but still. as Grover stated, the stage is for the band; the floor is for the fans. This is exactly why they have security at shows. This case is like those cases you hear about where a person committing a crime gets hurt or killed doing something reckless or felonious and then they turn around and sue the building owner or law enforcement. It’s a shame the fan died, but he knew the risk and coincidentally he got hurt. Who’s to say that when he landed in the crowd, he was thrown into someone or some people that didn’t particularly appreciate it and kicked or punched him, causing his injuries?

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