Past Demons: Gorilla Biscuits

Anyone that says that they were or still are into NY Hardcore should know the name Gorilla Biscuits. Hardcore before it was metal-ized into the Hatebreed branded hardcore sound of today, was not just simply “Hardcore”. it was Hardcore Punk. A variation of punk music that was modernized from the early punk sound to a more structured and disciplined form of the genre. Gorilla Biscuits brought the famed rapid-fire power chords and added melodic bass lines with punk vocals and the speed and aggresiveness that made the genre of punk famous. In typical punk fashion, the songs were straight, to the point and short.

From 1987 to 1991 the band made a name for themselves in the NYHC scene. The band disbanded sometime in 1992 after a solid 4 year run, touring both the United States and Europe. They have reunited quite a few times for short runs for benefit, tribute and local shows. Frontman Tony Civarelli has also fronted the band Quicksand and CIV. If you’re curious about NY Hardcore and think that Biohazard left a bad mainstream taste in your mouth of the genre, check out Gorilla Biscuits and find out what NYHC punk was all about. There were amny other hardcore punk bands before them such as Bad Religion and Minor Threat, among countless others, but Gorilla Biscuits made one hell of an effort in their short run.


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