Pulled from the Abyss: Ides of Gemini, Lycanthia, Hollywood Burnouts

Lately I’ve been coming across more and more solid bands that are female. In the past these bands would have been either gothic or symphonic bands, but lately more and more are playing other styles such as doom which is exactly the style that Ides of Gemini play. The band, which has J. Bennett of Decibel magazine on guitar, are most easily comparable to Subrosa with their heavy, slow doomy sound. Their latest album Constantinople should be heard by anyone with even a passing interest in doom.

Next up is Australia’s Lycanthia which is a gothic/doomy band featuring the growled vocals of Lee Tassaker offset with the female vocals of Vanessa Black and Megan Robins. While yes, the band does use the “beauty and the beast” vocal style to its max, the music is much more sombre and heavy than most bands who play this style of music. Their newest album “Oligarchy” was released in April 2012.

Last up is something completely different: Germany’s Hollywood Burnouts play a sleeze/glam style reminiscent of Motley Crue’s “Too Fast for Love” mixed with Klaus Meine (of The Scorpions) singing, minus the satanic references. I loved their album “Excess All Areas” and really enjoyed how it reminded me of what got me into metal in the first place. Good stuff.


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