Past Demons: Oppressor

Before Tech-death metal was so damn technical that we had to call it technical death metal, there was a band out of Chicago called Oppressor, formed in 1991 by bassist/vocalist Tim King, and guitarist Adam Zadel. They completed the lineup with guitarist Jim Stopper and drummer Tom Schofield. By listening to them you can easily hear influences of Death, Suffocation and Morbid Angel. In 1995, three of the four band members (Zadel, King, and Schofield) would start the side project Soil, which by 1999 became more popular than Oppressor and would ultimately spell the demise of the band. In their eight year run they released two demos, three full lengths, and one live album. In 2009 the compilation the Solstice of Agony and Corrosion was released, highlighting songs from their three full length releases plus a couple of covers.

Although their run was rather short, Oppressor left behind a very acceptable amount of death metal behind for us to enjoy. Would I like to see an Oppressor reunion tour? I sure would, seeing that I never got to see the band live, but I understand if it never happens. The band may have never gained enough popularity even in the underground to be able to book and finance a tour of sorts like other profound death metal bands such as Carcass. Regardless, Oppressor is a band in my library that will always be an important staple of my death metal listening.Check out a few select tracks below as well as a cover of Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill”.


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