Amon…Finally ‘Among Us’

I think the last time I wrote anything about Amon or the Hoffman brothers, it was back in my Hook In Mouth days. With a lot of drama, the Hoffman brothers left Deicide back in 2004, allegedly over money issues. Back then there was a lot of talk that the Hoffman brothers were Deicide and that the band would ultimately crumble without them. Glen Benton and Deicide carried on without them and released a few good albums in their absence, replacing the guitar duo with former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen and proved that the Hoffman brothers were no longer needed. The Hoffman brothers, reaching back to their roots, decided that they would reform under the name ‘Amon’, the name they used to release two demo albums before changing their name to Deicide in 1989.

Last year, I believe it was, the Hoffman brothers announced that they were going to release a new album under Amon called Liar in Wait. Well…I waited and waited but never heard anything about it until yesterday when I was reading Heavy Blog Is Heavy and found their video for “Among Us”. Rounding out the band’s lineup is Vocalist/7 String bassist Jachael and former SWWAATS drummer Mike Petrak. So, does it sound like Deicide? Why, yes it does in one way or another. Is that a bad thing? No. Does it sound better than new Deicide? Again, yes it does in one way or another. Most people will draw similarities in the sound. I have yet to hear the entire album, which was apparently released June 5th. I may have been too busy and missed the presser on this one, but if you’re a fan of either the Hoffman brothers or Deicide, then check out Amon’s Liar in Wait.


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