Here Is Queensryche’s Side of the Geoff Tate Split Via Court Documents

Prepare yourself for a long read but it’s worth it. Blabbermouth obtained the legal documents filed by Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Michael Wilton, against Geoff Tate in the use of the Queensryche name and all royalties and though there aren’t too many surprises it reads like the fall in a rise and fall story. I think anybody who has followed the band is fully aware of the decline of the band since Degarmo left and though he isn’t referenced, is very much represented in these papers. And I think everyone has already known that Geoff Tate was instrumental in the decline of the band based on recent antics like the cabaret show featuring people like his daughter for example. Personally I’m very much appreciative of the guys dedication to bringing back what was great about the band so many years ago if what they say their goals are is to be believed.

First here is Geoff Tate’s interview with Rolling Stone which appears to be the preliminary damage control for what was to follow. And here is the documents filed by the rest of the band courtesy of Blabbermouth. Weigh in on this whole mess in the comments. For me I’ll be glad to see this thing ended and see what the band has to offer for new material with new vocalist, Todd La Torre.


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