Hatriot Signs With Massacre Records And Announces New Drummer Plus Debut Album Details

It’s taken a year or so but some big news has finally arrived from the Hatriot camp. Blabbermouth got the exclusive that Hatriot has signed with Germany’s Massacre Records. It looks like they’ll be entering the studio in mid August to record their first full length entitled, Heroes of Origin. The band has also announced the replacement for departed drummer, Alex Bent, and it happens to be Steve ‘Zetro’ Sousa’s younger son, Nicholas Souza. Older brother Cody is already handling bass duties. So that now makes the band 3/4 Souza and is probably easier to maintain then having some cagey veteran guy show up only to leave again for greener pastures. Here is what Steve had to say about the Massacre signing.

HATRIOT is very excited and extremely proud to announce that we have signed with one of the premiere metal labels in existence today, Germany’s Massacre Records, who join us to fulfill our goal of world domination and relentless touring, to bring our fans the heaviest Bay Area thrash music of the modern era! Thank you all for the support that has made this dream of ours come alive!

In my last interview with Steve he mentioned it had come down to two labels on which he would sign with and now I’m curious as to who the other candidate was. Massacre is fairly well known overseas in the extreme music scene but favors quite a few unknowns too so on the surface this would appear to be a head scratcher, until you see who the distro partner is which is Century Media. That’s some pretty big clout and you get quite a bit of promo and tour assurances especially in Europe from the label. So I get why the deal was done.

Big Congrats goes out to Hatriot on all of this news and look forward to Heroes of Origin in early 2013. As always I’ll keep ya posted as things develop with Hatriot.


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