Lamb of God, Dethklok, Gojira Tour……will it happen?

Hopefully, one of the tour highlights this summer is the tour with Lamb of God, Dethklok, and Gojira. I can personally say that all three bands kick ass live. I would love to go see the show, assuming Randy of Lamb Of God will be out of legal issues regarding the death of concert attendee Daniel Nosek.

Blythe, who was recently arrested in the Czech Republic on charges of manslaughter from an alleged incident during a show that resulted in the death of a Czech fan back in 2010, has been sitting in a Czech jail since June 28. His next bail hearing could either get him out and back in action, or sitting in a Czech hell hole for another six months.

Ironically enough, Lamb of God is set to tour with Dethklok, whose animated shows have almost everyone in attendance killed or mamed during their performances…..which is both brutal and hilarious.

Gojira is a melodic, technical as well as progressive death metal band that puts together a great live show. I’ve seen them open for Lamb of God before at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, and they delivered.

I’d love to see this tour manifest, if only Randy gets liberated.


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