Approved by the Devil: Mudface

The metal world in the tech age is a funny thing sometimes. It used to be networking considered of plastering posters on street corners and hobnobbing with industry folks at the local clubs. Now with Facebook and blogs and internet radio, people can be sitting at home in their shorts and get the word out to each other without realizing that everybody is tied in together. Ham over at RNWZ Radio has been promoting the Bay Area thrash band, Mudface for a few weeks now and even did an interview. So when I received an e-mail from guitarist Rich Pia requesting a writeup I thought Ham sent them my way but it turned out it was coincidental. Still it’s weird how we all seem to run in the same circles.

So what about Mudface? Well they’re a Bay Area thrash unit with some pedigree behind them. Formed in 2005 with now former guitarist Ted Aguilar (now of Death Angel) on drums is Pete Bostaph and if you’ve never heard of his brother Paul then you must be new to thrash and metal in general. Chris Dinsmore handles vocals and as stated Rich Pia is on guitars. Rounding out the band is Hugo Calderon on bass and Brett Crane on keyboards. They have two E.P’s. out and a recently released full length in ‘Anti’ under the belt.

‘Anti’ is what I want to talk about since it’s the first release and is the template of which to get a feel of Mudface’s style. Much has been said of the thrash revival in recent years and while there has been good bands that have popped up no one has truly taken a new spin on thrash music. Mudface certainly has with powerful tracks like ‘Head without a face’ and ‘Killshot’. The latter is probably my favorite track as it combines punishing riffs with powerful vocals. There is a diversity to this album you don’t see often as the songs range from true thrashers to odes of the nu metal era (the good parts). Hardcore makes it way into some tracks like ‘To wander where we should not’ and ‘Ghosts of Desolation’ among others. I guess if you really want to compare what Mudface has going on then I can see some similarities to Machine Head especially MH’s last two albums.

Do yourself a favor and check these guys out at the below links. If you want a different and unique take on thrash metal without sacrificing the heaviness and without hopping trends, Mudface deserves your support.


Official Website


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