Heart Of Gold: A Tribute To Woods Of Ypres To be Released.

I has recently been announced that a tribute album to Woods of Ypres and their late founder/frontman David Gold will be released in the future. No date or distributor has been announced as of yet. The tribute was organized by Steph LeDrew, who states in the bio og the Heart Of Gold Facebook page:

As a thank you and farewell to Woods of Ypres, I reached out to those who were influenced by Woods and David so join me in creating a musical salute to one of the greatest Doom Metal band’s to unleash onto the underground metal scene.

More information will be updated as it comes along. In the meantime, here are the bands/tracks for the upcoming tribute [after the fold]. I’m quite eager to hear this, not only because I really dig WOY work, but because I have yet to hear a cover of any Woods’ songs. It should be interesting to say the least. If we have an opportunity, we’ll sure try to write a review.

Novembers Doom- Wet Leather
Gypsy Chief Goliath-Suicide Cargoload
Eclipse Eternal-Crossing the 45th parallel
Empyrean Plague- Shedding the deadwood
Panzerfasust- A meeting place and time
Pagain Ritual-The shams of Optimisim
Amaranth- Allure of the earth
Albireon-Retrosleep in the morning calm
Anemic-The Sun was in my eyes part Doom
Begotten-The Sea of Imeasureable loss
Reliquis-Career Suicide
Rae and Joel-Silver
Canopy-Falling Apart
Unbowed-Your ontario town is a burial ground
Deathmarch-Northern Cold
The Gov’ and Friends- Intro: The looming of dust in the dark
The Bear Hunters- Kiss my askhes goodbye pt2
Svarte Krake- You were the light
Justin Bender of Into Eternity- Trillium:The 3rd of Three winters
Catuvolcus – Thrill of the struggle


One response to “Heart Of Gold: A Tribute To Woods Of Ypres To be Released.

  1. That’s gonna be fucking awesome. Happy that N’sD will perform on this. I know Mr. Kuhr was a friend of David Gold.

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