Deep Purples Jon Lord Passes Away at Age 71

Late last year we posted about Deep Purples Jon Lord being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the same that afflicted Ronnie James Dio. It looks like cancer wins again as apparently Jon passed away today in the London Clinic at the age of 71. Much has been made of Deep Purple as a huge influence on rock and metal and I think quite a bit was made about Richie Blackmore. But for me the thing that separated Deep Purple from other bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath was Jon Lord’s keyboard work. Whether it was with organs or piano, or keyboards themselves you could always tell it was a Deep Purple track based on his sound. And it paved the way for keys to be an integral part of many bands like Rush and Van Halen later on. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Jon Lord not to mention the scores of fans. After the jump is some of the distinct Deep Purple songs that featured Jon Lord’s playing and some of my favorite tunes.

And let’s not forget his contributions to the early incarnation of Whitesnake. Here is my favorite track by them with Lords prominent synth.

3 responses to “Deep Purples Jon Lord Passes Away at Age 71

  1. One of the most gifted yet humble musician ever, such a huge loss. His stunning playing is there for all to hear and has been a massive influence in my life. Thank you Jon for the gift of your music.

  2. A very good point. Everyone talks about what a great guitarist Blackmore was — and there’s no denying that — but the big difference between Deep Purple and his later projects was the presence of Jon Lord. One of their earliest songs, and in my opinion one of their best, “Hush” really set the stage for putting that organ part out in the forefront, and his playing was heavy as hell. Really defined the concept of a heavy metal keyboard player. That song — and so many that followed — would never have been the same without Jon.

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