Past Demons: Xentrix – No Compromise

In 1989 & 90, British Thrash band Xentrix put out two outstanding albums, Shattered Existence and For Whose Advantage?  Perhaps best known for their unauthorized cover of the song Ghostbusters, they put out some significant Thrash on those two albums and, in my opinion, should have been bigger and better recognized in the Metal realm.  They hit a downward spiral in the early to mid 90s and ended the band after 1996’s mediocre Scourge.

They were extremely tight instrumentally and wrote outstanding songs with tremendous execution.  The group epitomized excellence in Thrash at that time, right along with Overkill (The Years of Decay & Horrorscope), Kreator (Extreme Aggression & Coma of Souls), and Testament (Practice What You Preach & Souls of Black) as the more significant releases during that time period.  I think Xentrix’s releases are of similar quality.  The band was simply not able to maintain the momentum.

Check out their track No Compromise from Shattered Existence:


I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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