Let’s Hope The New Kamelot Album Is Not A Silverthorn In their Side

You like that pun? No? Too bad, work sucks here today and it amused me for a second. Anyways, yes Kamelot has announced the new album will be entitled Silverthorn and it’s due out on September 25th on SPV/Steamhammer Records. Hopefully by now people are catching a clue about the new singer,Tommy Karevik, and that there is a new singer. If not you can go here for more details. I’ll reserve judgement for when the album releases and/or I see them on tour with Nightwish, whichever comes first but in the meantime here is Kamelot performing a new track, ‘Sacrimony’.

I won’t inhibit YOU from weighing in though on the new era thus far so hit us up in the comments.


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