Dave Draiman Sticks His Foot In It Again. This Time With the Colorado Theater Shootings.

Here is a question for you, what do attention whores that front successful bands on hiatus do when they’re not fronting successful bands on hiatus? They get on Twitter and spout off about situations they know nothing about. And then try and shut people down that disagree with them by telling them to unfollow them when it gets rough. I’m of course talking about David Draiman’s recent batch of bullshit tweets in the wake of the horrific midnight killing spree at the Aurora,Colorado movie theater the other night. I admittedly try to keep current events out of this site as we are not the place for that. I’m just a schlub that enjoys metal and hard rock and posts about it when something comes up that peaks my interest. But when a nimrod like David Draiman of Disturbed goes on a rant about things that do interest me in the world outside of music I need to respond.

Let’s begin with the news story itself. By now most if not all of you have already heard that during a midnight screening of the third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, some dude came in fully loaded with weapons, gassed the place and shot over 70 people killing at least 12 of them. Among the casualties was 6 year old Veronica Moser-Sullivan who died and a 3 month old baby who at last check was being treated but was alive. What a horrific situation. You’re there to watch one of the most anticipated movies of the year or even the past 10 years and the next thing is chaos and death all around you. You would think people like Dave Draiman who spout off about social issues quite often and tend to lean to the left would have the utmost compassion for the victims of horrible event, right? I guess he does but who instead does he decide to rip into? The parents of the 6 year old and the 3 month old for having their kids at a midnight showing in the first place. Observe.

All you parents out there that think it’s OK to take your infants out on the town with you, to a movie theater or otherwise, do the world a favor. Give your children up for adoption to parents who know what it is to be a responsible parent, and sacrifice on behalf of their children. Get a damn babysitter.

Maybe we should take infants to nightclubs and restaurants in the late hours of the night as well? Honestly, fuck off. This is why only certain people should be allowed the gift of a child. Too many simply aren’t ready for the responsibility.

And then to counter the disagreement with him this is what he intelligently added.

anyone who doesn’t like what’s being said on here, simply unfollow

Wow … Multiple-choice question, kids. People either 1. Can’t read 2. There are more shitty parents out there than I thought 3. All of the above.

Let me first begin by saying that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this viewpoint. I just recently got into a debate with a Facebook friend over this very issue. Now the person on the other end of this debate is a person in their early twenties where people are typically self centered and still naive about how life works. Especially when you become a parent. So he gets a pass. Draiman on the other hand does not. One, because he’s one of those people that use their fame and celebrity to spout off on things because he thinks he makes a difference and two because that same celebrity status has prevented him from understanding how real life by the common folk actually works. Yet he will berate the common folk over things that really aren’t a part of the big picture.

Let’s go over the first comment. I get being upset that children died in this. Nothing upsets me more then news stories where innocent kids are murdered. Want to see a metalhead get soft? I can’t even watch movies where kids or dogs die. It’s upsetting. But to go off on a tirade on parents everywhere that have their kids up all night for something like this is knee jerk at its finest. You have parents and grandparents that are still freshly grieving over the sudden loss of a child and you have this douche bag saying that they are horrible people and should have had their kids adopted because they had the audacity to bring her to a midnight showing. He’s generalizing but it’s a flame on these parents to. No one expects to go into a movie theater and get mowed down by guns. Maybe in his cherished Israel that kind of shit is to be expected due to the never ending war with Palestine but not here in the United States. But back to the point. Young parents of infants rarely ever get to have any time for themselves. You don’t know that they could even get a babysitter. Try being a parent in your lifestyle David and see how much you give up in order to raise and shelter your kids. Yeah, I thought so.

Now on to the second comment. No, David, I’ll graciously let you do the fucking off here. Equating a one time or rare thing of taking a child to a midnight showing of a Batman movie is nowhere near the same thing as taking them on a night on the town into nightclubs and restaurants. Ass. For one thing kids that young can’t get into night clubs and restaurants mostly aren’t open that late unless it’s a Dennys and that’s not really a treat is it? Recently my wife and I just got back from our first Las Vegas trip. Now THAT is not a place for a kid. I’m onboard with kids not being up all night at a place like that in fact I couldn’t shut up about the amount of kids out at midnight or 1 in the morning in a place where there is gambling, drinking, smoking, and half naked women everywhere. But to equate that with something like this is completely and utterly bullshit.

I have two kids of my own. One is almost 15 and the other is almost 13. We never did the midnight showing of a movie with them. In fact we didn’t really start taking the kids to the movies until they were old enough to get what was happening and it was a movie we knew was geared for them. But we were also not jonesing for a movie so hard that we had to stay up that late to watch it. My eldest was also 6 when I took him to see the first Hulk movie(The Ang Lee emo disaster, not the lead in to the Avengers) and he was bored and confused with the whole damn thing. But you know what? He kept quiet except for a couple of times that he needed to hit the bathroom and there wasn’t any issue.

Everybody has got it into their heads that bringing small children into a theater is a horrible and selfish idea because kids will be talking or babies will be crying throughout. Yeah, if it’s a matinee or an early evening showing. This was a midnight screening which meant that if they were allowed to watch it instead of being shot they would have left the theater at around 3 in the morning. Infants can sleep through anything. That late at night they are crashed out and only wake up to be changed or fed. How do you know these parents (who are probably pretty young) were not prepared for setbacks? Get a fucking babysitter,David? Really? There are plenty of things to get pissed at people for when it comes to infants. Dumping them in the trash, leaving them in a hot car, beating them. But taking them to a midnight showing of a Batman movie where a 1 in a million chance that a delusional fuckstick armed to the teeth decides to have shooting practice should not even be one of them. New parents are allowed to make mistakes like this. If the baby was to wake up and be a DISTURBance then it’s likely they wouldn’t ever do it again. Get over yourself.

As for 6 year old Veronica who did lose her life. How do you know this wasn’t a special treat for her and probably the first available showing due to sellouts(insert easy Disturbed joke here but refrain please)? It’s summer, there is no school for a few more weeks, what’s the harm of taking her out for a great night? Again, no one plans for someone shooting up the theater and killing their child. How do you know this wasn’t carefully calculated by the parents who maybe wanted to save some money for a babysitter and wanted to see this movie so it didn’t get ruined for them by others, knowing that Veronica was probably going to crash out in the first hour?

You don’t, you fucking self important asshole. No one does. The rage and shock should be directed at the soulless being that decided to plan out a devastating event of his own for who knows why. You couldn’t even let the news settle for a week before you start pontificating on Twitter about the least important part of the story and also insult already grieving parents.

Let me ask you this Dave, did you have a problem with parents bringing their 10 years and younger kids to your concerts where you were cussing like a sailor and singing songs about abusive parents using terrible language? No because a ticket bought is a ticket sold , amirite? So don’t get on Twitter and act like you’re the beacon of indignant virtue over something you have no understanding of. Especially when you’re supposed to be marrying a former WWE diva which by the way, WWE is not for kids anymore, yet parents take their prepubescent kids to all the time as well. You got a problem with that too? I bet you don’t. But what if someone who is schizophrenic and thinks the wrestling gig is real decides to shoot up a wrestling event, are you going to have the same problem with all of those kids being there?

Don’t be a coward either, Draiman. Telling people if they don’t like your comments to unfollow you and if they don’t they must also be terrible parents is a cop out to the nth degree. You believe so much in your inane spewings on a public forum seen around the world then take the abuse like a man. Fucking pussy. I never could understand how someone can say something controversial then act like they’re shocked and pissed when they get negative feedback from it. You’re not always right, especially in something like this. Instead of getting unfollowed it would have been better if you had thought this out better before saying it but it’s David Draiman we’re talking about here. Everything is done for publicity.

I apologize for the long winded post on this but it really grips my jaw when some like Draiman who I have very little respect for anyways goes off with a completely disrespectful tirade against people that don’t even deserve that kind of vitriol I need to vent. All I can say is that I hope time will eventually ease the emotional wounds something like this has done to the victims of this senseless violence. No one should ever have to experience this and no one should ever lose the life of their child in such a terrible way. They also shouldn’t have to endure crass, and baseless insults from a self important rock star like David Draiman when it does happen. Fuck you Draiman.

Thank you.

*Update* Apparently Draiman has received enough blow back on this that he felt the need to clarify some things.

“I have nothing but the deepest condolences for the families of the Denver Batman massacre. It is shocking beyond belief, and may the perpetrator of the crime be forced to toss Hitler’s salad in hell for eternity.

“However, separate from the catastrophic event is the notion that somehow it is alright to take a three-month old infant (not a six-year-old child, although that is still questionable) to a showing of any movie is preposterous. Forget the fact that a three-month-old should be safe in bed at midnight, forget the fact their fragile immune systems shouldn’t be subjected to the bacterial petri dish that is a movie theatre. The primary issue is the effect that movie theatre sound often at dangerous levels of [decibels] can do permanent damage to a three-month-old infant’s still-developing hearing.

“This is separate from the massacre, and it is and will remain my opinion that those who would subject a three-month-old child to it are not only irresponsible, shitty parents, but they should also be charged with child endagerment.

“As Chris Rock said, ‘You can drive a car with your feet if you want to. That don’t make it a good fuckin idea.'”

While he makes some valid points in regards to a babies health in regards to being in the public environment, he still doesn’t know if the parents brought ear protection and had the infant bundled up. He also doesn’t know that the parents were prepared in case the baby fussed to take it out of the theater. Stop assuming everyone is an inconsiderate ass hole. We live in such a coddled society these days, how the fuck do you think immune systems get developed, Dave? People have to in be contact with forms of germs so the immune system can work to combat them. Just wait until that kid gets older and starts school and picks up all kinds of cold and flu viruses from all the other kids and brings it home. The point is that the movie theater is supposed to be a safe environment where people can escape the outside world for a couple of hours. Not have it throw tear gas down and spray the place with bullets, jackass. You may have been more articulate in your last response but you’ve still insulted a family that has gone through a trauma already. The baby was treated and released by the way.


One response to “Dave Draiman Sticks His Foot In It Again. This Time With the Colorado Theater Shootings.

  1. Decibel levels?? Rob you brought up probably the most valid argument when you asked, would he have had the same issue with parents bringing small children to a Disturbed show? Did he ever bitch about that?

    One time, early in my college career (so like fifteen years ago?) I took a psychology class, and I remember the teacher pointing out that in early child development (like the first six months or so) one of the best things you can do is expose the baby to a wide range of stimuli and various environments. Even if he/she doesn’t understand what’s happening, it’s good to experience new sights and sounds and stuff.

    Of course that was just a college professor, not a dude from a rock band…

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