Devil’s Review: RUSH – Clockwork Angels

Canada’s most honored knights of all that it is progressive, rocking and yes, metal, have released their 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels. Like a fine bottle of wine, Rush is one of those bands that proved hard work, exceptional music playing and brilliant story telling,  shows they only get better with age sustaining such grace.

Clockwork Angels finds the band making yet another triumphant return to doing what they always do best, recording albums with deep concepts and imaginative ideas. Clockwork Angels’ storyline was inspired by drummer Neil “the professor” Peart’s own life experience in dealing with tragic loss of both his daughter and his wife in the same year, and in a recent event, the passing of his drum instructor, Freddie Gruber. The album’s story follows a young man’s temporary stay through a steam-punk inspired dreamscape filled with fantasy, adventure,  carnivals and capricious characters.

Geddy Lee’s voice has weathered over the years and though the highs are not quite as high, Lee still produces an insane range, and the song “Headlong Flight” shows off his enormous pipes in all of their high-pitched glory, reminiscent to Vapor Trails’ “One Little Victory”.  Guitarist Alex Lifeson does not disappoint with his awesome talents of playing his instrument (although for some reason he did not make the top 100 guitarists according to Rolling Stone Magazine) and I especially enjoy the guitar solos popping up where you would least likely find them.  And Neil Peart, what else can you say except sensational.

Not one song on Clockwork Angels disappoints. The first time I heard the album, I was impressed with each song. As the next song played, I would tell myself that is my favorite so far. But my favorites happened song after song and finally after listening to the entire album, I can honestly say my favorite songs are “The Wreckers” and “The Garden”. My 8-year-old daughter has also taken a liking to these songs as she asks me almost every time we are in the car to play them for her. She gets the lyric sheet and follows the storyline as it’s being sung. I love it. So if you are looking for a great album that most definitely rocks with a superior storyline, I highly recommend Clockwork Angels.

As I mentioned earlier, “The Wreckers” and “The Garden” are my top two songs from the album. Here are videos of the songs. “The Wreckers” has lyrics and a pretty neat video. I hope you enjoy Clockwork Angels as much as I have.


3 responses to “Devil’s Review: RUSH – Clockwork Angels

  1. I’ll have to check this out seeing that it’s a concept album. I haven’t been too enamored with Rush for quite some time and another huge Rush fan I know hated this album so obviously I had some apprehension.

    • Its funny. People want the same thing from Rush all the time and they are simply not that type of band. Not to say I have not been disappointed with some of their stuff but this is a pretty cool album.

  2. It’s funny, people want the same thing out of Rush all the time, then they disappoint when they dont get what they want. This is a great album. But, you gotta be your own critic.

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