Mudface Channels Their Inner Grindhouse With The Debut Video For ‘Knuckles’

A couple of weeks back I did a belated Approved by the Devil piece on the local up and coming thrash band Mudface. If you haven’t done so yet check them out and show them some love. One of the tracks on their debut album ‘Anti’ is the song Knuckles and the guys put together a music video for it that released today. And when I say the guys did I mean that the concept was put together by vocalist Chris Dinsmore and all camera work was done by Dinsmore and keyboardist Brett Crane. I could swear that if the credits weren’t included on the video , I would have thought some art director was hired to put this together. So not only are they a cool thrash unit but they’re aspiring filmmakers to boot. The video itself definitely has some creepy grindhouse vibes to it. Though I had to laugh out loud at Chris at the 3:24-3:34 mark. You’ll see what I mean. Check it out.


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