Among The Living: grief of WAR

Formed in 2002, grief of WAR  has made a name for themselves in the underground movement of Japanese thrash metal. If I were to describe their brand of thrash by comparing to other more well know thrash bands, I would say they sound a bit like early Exodus and Kreator mixed with a bit of Destruction. Sounds good, right? In 2005 they released their first debut studio album called A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Unleashed. In 2008 the album was re-released internationally through Prosthetic Records and while it was an excellent album, it didn’t get the attention it deserved in the ‘States. In 2009 they released another full length called Worship, once again through Prosthetic Records. Once again, an excellent album didn’t get the respect it was due. It happens way too often to too many amazing bands. Below is their first official video for the title track to Worship. If you dig grief of WAR’s sound, then help support them. As an underground band, they will never get where they belong without fan support.


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