This Ain’t Metal: Nechochwen – O+O

This edition of ‘This Ain’t Metal’ actually is pretty metal. You wouldn’t know it at first though. Nechochwen was first recommended to me by “True Nate” of the now defunct The Number Of The Blog. At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about the music. It was a tribal/folk sounding music with bursts of black metal here and there. I was told by the same person that it is considered “Neo-Folk”. Formed in 2005, this two piece explores Native American heritage through their sound.  Their music builds an atmosphere around you with ambient sounds, classic guitars, native percussion instruments and chants. There first album, Algonkian Mythos was all folk sounding, or Apalaci-Folk Metal as they call it, with no black metal sounds in the mix. It was meant to be a focus their sound as a theme for the era of the French and Indian War, now more often referred to as the ‘Seven Years War’. There second full length, Azimuths to The Otherworld mixed a lot of their folk sound with blackened moments, with a concept around the Adena and Hopewell Indians that lived in the Ohio River Valley. With O+O things have not changed much. This album focuses on Ancesctral Wisdom and guidance. Classic and acoustic guitars dominate most of the sound with more clean singing than the previous albums; however, some moments and track shift into overdrive with blackened or extreme metal moments. The mix is thick and sounds wonderful. You can stream this album below through the embedded Bandcap player, but I would also encourage you to check out Azimuths to the Otherworlds and if you can find it, Algonkian Mythos.


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