Looks Like Randy Blythe Is Finally Out Of Jail. Not Out Of Trouble Yet.

Metalsucks has latched onto this story like a lamprey and covered it more then anybody else I’ve seen so it was no surprise to get up and find they’re reporting Randy Blythe of Lamb of God has finally been released. I guess the Czech criminal system got all they could get from the guy in terms of bail, having doubled it from 200k to 400k and have let him go until the trial is set to begin. No word on when that could happen, but for now everyone can rejoice that Randy is probably back home by now. Now we get to see the fountain of interviews asking the same questions of his thoughts while imprisoned and does he think this is fair. Which he will have to be vague about so as not to influence a trial. Yay.

Welcome back, Randy.

Oh and for those wondering about shows being played because that was more important then the guy being innocent and freed, it looks like Lamb of God will be playing Knotfest on the 17th and 18th of this month in Iowa. Since no one wants to go to Iowa willingly even for a metal show, these shows will be live on the internet as well. So we can all see how much rage Randy transfers onstage from these shenanigans.


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