Ken's Retro Pick – WARLORD 1983

Warlord is the project of guitarist/songwriter Bill Tsamis and drummer Mark Zonder, who had made their way down from San Jose, California to Los Angeles. The new band caught the attention of record company owner Brian Slagel with Metal Blade Records.  An aficionado of British Heavy Metal and admirer of the European metal aesthetic, Slagel was impressed by Warlord’s semi-progressive style inspired by such diverse acts as Rainbow, Angel Witch, and Jethro Tull. Slagel decided to offer the band a spot on his next compilation and Warlord would make their vinyl debut with “Lucifer’s Hammer” on 1982’s Metal Massacre II.  Earning rave reviews, Warlord made a repeat appearance with “Mrs. Victoria” on Metal Massacre III and were signed to Metal Blade for their 1983 Deliver Us 6-song mini-album which got the band featured in important publications such as Kerrang!. You may recognize Mark Zonder as he is the drummer for Fates Warning as well.

I credit my buddy Rod (again) with getting me into this band as I remember him wearing a Warlord t-shirt which of course led me to being a fan of Warlord.

So, with all that in mind, here are a few videos/songs from Warlord. The first one is Deliver Us and the second one is Mrs. Victoria. Now, I am sure once RobLiz sees these he will think Velveeta, Swiss, Cheddar, some type of cheese. Well he knows that’s me with a lot of things, cheese. But the music is good metal. So enjoy the songs.


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