The Oakland A's Fans In Right Field Are Karate Mosh Fighters

I don’t talk much about sports in here and for good reason. Usually I find very little to associate sports with hard rock or metal and frankly get perturbed when Revolver inserts the most metal athlete category in their inane awards every year. But I’m a long time Oakland Athletics fan and this year there are some great things happening in the East Bay. First of all the team is taking a page from the movie Major League where they are in a position at the time of this writing to be a wild card team if not a division champ when they were supposed to utterly fail at their profession. No one expected that, in fact I was ready for football before the season started. The owner Lew Wolff wants to move the team to San Jose instead of developing a park in Oakland, the team farmed a lot of great pitching talent out, and there was no indication that there were going to be any good bats come up. Well let’s just say these guys are over achieving and one of the key elements is Josh Reddick who was brought in from a trade with Boston for our young closer Andrew Bailey.

This guy comes out of a system where he was lost in the shuffle of the superstars in Beantown to hit more home runs then anyone else on the team and has a right arm that guns down runners foolish enough to try and run on him. As such he has a group of followers in the right center stands that are his loyal batch of followers every home game. Reddick is from Georgia and he’s the epitomy of young redneck with his love of pro wrestling and a mix of country and metal taste in music. Therefore his group of fans in the right center seats at the base of Mount Davis flash mock wrestling belts and are an eclectic looking group of guys with mohawks, shades, and shaved heads. The one glaring thing these guys do is whenever Metallica gets blasted on the PA this is what happens.

I’m not going to knock them having fun. By all means the A’s can use all the rabid fans they can get but as an old metal head I have to say, come on guys. Shadow boxing ninjas during Metallica? That’s for the guage wearing metalcore emo kids, people, not a legendary thrash band (in the old days) though I do have to say that when Mayor Quan was up there and you guys were punching the air it was hilarious seeing her join in. Might I suggest windmilling your heads instead or at the very least if you’re going to punch the air throw up the devil horns instead of fists? Karate fighters are already ruining metal shows around the country, let’s not continue the perception that we’re a bunch of flailing retards on a national stage too eh? Well on second thought my suggestions will still bring that perception but at least you’ll have a bit more cred from us metalheads unable to attend the game and are watching you on tv. In the meantime, Let’s Go Oakland!


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