Help Warbeast With Gas Money For Their Tour With Down.

You may or may not recall my praise for Warbeast out of Texas. Well they’ve wrapped up their second album and are gearing up to tour with Down in September to promote the new album. And even though they are best bros with Phil Anselmo who runs their label, Housecore Records, and is producing their album they’re still broke as fuck doing this metal thing. And because of that they are enlisting help to at least make some funds on the long trek to keep gas in the van and who knows if they get enough they might be able to get some hotel rooms instead of having to ask people for places to crash as they have been doing. Believe me, Warbeast is a fantastic thrash band that deserves all the support they can get. After the jump is main man Bruce Corbitt’s explanation of these matters.

Yes, Warbeast is asking for your help again! We were really hoping that we wouldn’t still be asking for support at this point. But the truth is that we still need all the donations we can get. WARBEAST has the privilege and honor to be goin
g on tour with the legendary DOWN in September. But once again the gas prices have skyrocketed right after we got confirmed for the tour. Gas prices have went up everywhere an average of 40 cents since early July. Chances are they will just continue to rise. We will be traveling about 4,500 on this 2 week tour. Our Van only gets about 9-10 miles per gallon. So if you figure all of that with gas prices that are almost $4.00 a gallon… well you can do the math.

Warbeast isn’t a band that is doing this to make money. But we can’t always lose money if we want to survive as a band. As some of you know… Warbeast has also already asked for help with places to crash out on this upcoming tour. Obviously to save on getting Hotel rooms during the tour. Now we are hoping to we can get some much needed aid when it comes to filling up our gas tank.

All of us in Warbeast respect our families, friends and fans. We have integrity and in no way would we ever try and take advantage of any of them. But the fact is… we have lost money on every tour and we will probably lose money again on this tour. That’s just the way it is… but we still continue to do these tours because it’s what we love to do and we believe in this band. Some of our members have to take off work from their jobs just to be able to do these tours. So that is basically just like missing weeks of paychecks. Then they get like a $10.00 or $15.00 per diem a day during the tour and a meal at the shows. So just imagine the financial loss some of us take just to do these tours.

In other words, it’s tough these days for a band. We aren’t too proud to admit we still need help and support. Yes, great things are continuing to happen for Warbeast on the outside. But when it comes to the financial part… just know that we are just trying to keep afloat when we do ask for help.

Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated from all of us in Warbeast… THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

If you want to help out then go to this link.

In the meantime here is a reminder of what a good band this is.

And if you can’t donate to helping the band with gas money maybe you can catch them with Down at one of these stops.

Down/Warbeast Fall 2012 Tour:

9/18 — Fort Worth, Texas — Ridglea Theater (W/ Big Okie Doom)
9/19 — Tulsa, Okla. — Cain’s Ballroom (W/ Big Okie Doom)
9/21 — Sauget, Ill. — Pops Nightclub (W/ haarp)
9/22 — Chicago, Ill. — House of Blues (W/ haarp)
9/23 — Pontiac, Mich. –The Crofoot (W/ haarp)
9/25 — Boston, Mass. — House of Blues (W/ haarp)
9/26 — Philadelphia, Pa. — Electric Factory (W/ haarp, Pentagram)
9/28 — New York, N.Y. — Best Buy Theater (W/ haarp, St. Vitus)
9/29 — Sayreville, N.J. — Starland Ballroom (W/ haarp)
9/30 — Silver Spring, Md. — The Fillmore (W/ Mount Carmel and Pentagram)
10/2 — Charlotte, N.C. –Tremont Music Hall (W/ Mount Carmel)


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