Yakuza and A Life Once Lost Premiere New Songs

Two more albums that I’m really looking forward to this year are Yakuza – Beyul and A Life Once Lost – Ecstatic Trance. This will be Yakuza’s 6th full length record and follow up to 2010’s Of Seismic Consequence. Beyul is due out October 6th on Profound Lore Records. If you’ve never had the pleasure to experience this metal/jazz avant-garde infusion, I highly suggest you check out more of their music. This is the first single from Beyul, called “The Last Day”. Bruce Lamonte, frontman and sax player for Yakuza, is a very busy individual. Not only does he front and write and compose the songs for Yakuza, he is also the frontman for a very impressive Led Zeppelin cover/tribute band called ‘Led Zeppelin II‘. At any given time, Bruce may have multiple music project going on.

A Life Once Lost have taken quite a bit of time between their last album, Iron Gag, and their new one, Ecstatic Trance. It has been almost 5 years since Iron Gag was released with great praise from the metal community, even though the band has been labeled as Metalcore. October 23rd will see the release of Ecstatic Trance on Season Of Mist. You can hear the first single from the new album, “Madness In God”, on A Life once Lost’s Facebook page, but it’s worth the like, especially if you’re already a fan.

If both of these albums are nearly as good as the songs heard above, they’ll surely make an impact on my year-end list.


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