Farewell Iron Thrones

None of us in the metal blogsphere has had much to say about Iron thrones in quite some time. Thats because the band from Minneapolis, Minnesota that for a brief period in 2010 started making a ton of buzz with their brand of progressive death metal just announced on their Facebook that the band is calling it quits. Here is the press quote.

Iron Thrones is no more.

Our sincerest apologies to those who were looking forward to a new Iron Thrones album. As has been somewhat obvious, we have been on an unplanned hiatus for the past couple of years, and although there were occasional moments of synchronicity, ultimately the flame died out and we gradually moved apart. We had a good run, and met a lot of fantastic people who truly appreciated our music. The same honesty that drove our creative process, now forces us to admit to ourselves that any new material we created as Iron Thrones would be missing what truly made our music special to us, and so it is time to lay this project to rest.

Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way you would’ve liked. Time passes on, and things that you thought would never change, do. People change. Passions change. Regardless, the world continues to spin, oblivious to the changes within us, and we move on.

So that’s about as final as you can be. No hints of other projects just some words of wisdom and that’s it though I do know there were a few side projects going on at the same time as this but the guys were supposed to be working on demos for the followup to ‘ The Wretched Sun’. It’s too bad too, though I was not as awestruck as some of my contemporaries with Iron Thrones I did have respect for what they accomplished and had high hopes for bigger and better things down the line. Well I guess good luck is in order then to Steve Henningsgard and the guys on whatever endeavors they take on. In the meantime here is ‘The Wretched Sun’ to introduce or reacquaint people with Iron Thrones from their Bandcamp site.


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