While I've Been Away Here Are Some Bands I Finally Started Listening To.

Man, this second half of the year has been brutal in terms of finding the time and then the motivation to write anything up. Fortunately there hasn’t been much in the way of news for me to get behind much on and the new releases that I’d want to check out have been light. I do have a few albums that have released that I’ll be reviewing here shortly but in the meantime I have not been idle in listening to music. In fact I have decided to check out three artists that have had a long existence and notable fanbases but I have neglected or just flat out ignored until now. I expect to get some blow back from these groups but hey better late then never I guess.

First up as you can tell by the banner is Devin Townsend. This will probably be the biggest wtf out there of why have I not listened to the guy before. Well it’s pretty simple actually, I never liked Strapping Young Lad much and when artists go solo from a ‘main’ project they tend to stay with familiar territory most of the time and I had no interest in checking out his stuff. What got me to change my ways have been the various songs over the past couple of years that have been on the Devin Townsend Project that seemed very atmospheric and proggy and then this video got released.

When my 13 year old even digs on a song and laughs at a video then I need to check out more stuff, ya know? So I get it now why there has been so much fanboyism over the past few years. I do have to say I’m still not a fan of his whole body of work but there have been a few albums that I have dug quite often of late. Devin has so many styles and changes things up so much that you can’t help but anticipate what he has coming up next. Expect a review for the new album Epicloud here soon if I don’t get pulled away again.

Next up we have Cannibal Corpse. Yeah I know, for someone whose had a death metal fixation for awhile now how is it I’ve never listened? Well to be honest I did, a looong time ago. Back when Chris Barnes was the vocalist and back when I had a huge aversion to death metal. Especially to this type where it was all shocking blood and gore style death metal. So I ignored them for decades. I’ve listened to the latest album ‘Torture’ though and I have to say while it’s not as technically proficient as Nile or as catchy as say Bolt Thrower or Jungle Rot it’s not bad. I should have checked them out a long time ago when I found out George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher was a World of Warcraft nut and I was still playing that stupid game too. Anyway, I still think the early albums are boring as hell but they’ve obviously improved over the years. Any recommendations for Corpsegrinder era albums would be appreciated.

And lastly we have Dying Fetus. I meant to finally start giving them a listen after seeing the webcast of the Metal Alliance tour earlier in the year and they put on the best show on that whole bloated bill. While some of the growls are more guttural then I’m usually accustomed to they’re done in such a way that I don’t mind and musically this is some damn fine catchy death metal brutalness of the type I like. Their latest album ‘Reign Supreme’ is a solid slab of death metal and apparently is a throwback to their earlier stuff though i think it’s a balance between old and modern myself. Check it out.

So there we are, go ahead and mock me for being so late to the party but in the meantime I’ve got some more catching up to do in terms of reviews for bands that I have been good about keeping up with. I promise I’ll keep better tabs on these going forward.


6 responses to “While I've Been Away Here Are Some Bands I Finally Started Listening To.

  1. I never was a big Devin fan either, but I saw him in Vancouver with Katatonia and Paradise Lost on Wed and am now sold on him! The man is amazing live!

  2. The whole Devin thing was the same for me. Didn’t care for SYL (I do now), so I didn’t care for DT. That changed with the album Synchestra for me. I suddenly saw the genius. Along with cdee, my appreciation only increased after I saw his amazing performance with COB last summer. He even came out and talked with fans, signed stuff & took photos. He is real and an amazing entertainer. Definitely looking forward to Epicloud.

    • Yeah I know, I’ve always found the skullet look to be amusing so I went with it. If Devy happens to see this and wants me to change it I’ll do so. And I’ll keep that in mind since you’ve been doing the lion share of posting of late anyways:)

  3. Hey Rob, for your CC rec’s I’d say Bloodthirst was a really good slab of death metal. Pounded Into Dust, Dead Human Collection & Raped By the Beast. Also check the Worm Infested EP… cover of No Remorse! Also, The Bleeding w/ Barnes on vox… great album. The riffs on that record are unforgetable. My picks would be Pick Axe Murders, Pulverized, and Force Fed Broken Glass

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