Nekrogoblikon’s Video For ‘No One Survives’ Is a Reminder Of When Videos Were Great

Late last year I did a brief promo piece for L.A.’s (well more specifically Santa Barbara but that’s not as metal sounding, you don’t see Devildriver proud of being there do you?) Nekrogoblikon which put the fun back into extreme metal. Fast forward to now and the guys have put together a video that reminds me of the good old days of metal videos, where there was an actual storyline and crappy special effects but they became cult classics. Think Savatages ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ or Dios Holy Diver or even Motley Crues ‘Looks That Kill’. The Nekros are getting much love for this video because the makeup effects are fantastic, the storyline is engaging, it has Kayden Kross the porn star in it and it also features Jon Lajoie. Who is Jon Lajoie you might be saying, well use Google my friend and type in ‘Show me your genitals’ and his name is the first to come up, so to speak. And it’s not just a performance video in an empty warehouse or a bunch of live shots spliced together like quite a few metal videos are these days. I’m late on showing this but if you haven’t seen it yet check it out. It’s a great video.

Also if you’re going to bitch about the vocals, there is a mute button you can press. I don’t want to hear about it to be honest. And if that video and song has turned you into a fan then go here and purchase music and swag and help support the guys…er goblins of Nekrogoblikon.


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