Burnt Offerings: Striker – Armed to the Teeth

Striker recently gained a significant amount of notice from the wider spread Metal community when they were chosen to open for Metallica on a couple of dates in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta last month.  They recently released their second album, Armed to the Teeth, a solid entry in the retro Metal movement.

Armed to the Teeth is a no frills, in your face piece of Heavy Metal.  If this had come out in the 80s, it would have been a defining album of Metal.  That said, I find it to be an entertaining album with well above average song writing.  That is the most important aspect of Metal anymore.  Execution can be manipulated, production can be cleaned up, but unless there is a solid song, there rest is worthless.  In my estimation, Striker, though a relatively young band, have put together some good stuff here.

The first couple of songs are aggressive and speedy numbers, definitely bringing a smile to my face and getting my head moving.  At times, there are hints of influences, but nothing that strikes (ha!) me as being a blatant rip off from other bands.  Openers Forever and Let It Burn get things off to a nice start.  The speedy blast of Wolf Gang is a lot of fun, flying by at mach speed and the Iced Earth-like guitar work on All the Way is impressive.  They keep up the intensity right to the end on Can’t Stop the Rush.

Here is the video for  Let It Burn:

 Sure, there are cheesy song names (Lethal Force, Feed My Fire) and cliche-laden lyrics, but these guys aren’t posing, trying to be something they aren’t.  What they are is a working class Metal band and they do it well.  If you are into the retro sounds like Holy Grail, check out Striker.

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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