Led Zeppelins Celebration Day Is Coming to Theaters and DVD This Fall

That’s right, the concert you probably did not attend in 2007 is coming to theaters worldwide on October 27th. Entitled Celebration Day it was the most anticipated show on the planet reuniting 3 of the 4 original members of Led Zeppelin plus the late John Bonhams son, Jason, on drums. It was to honor Atlantic records founder Ahmet Ertegun and a worldwide lottery was put on to get tickets and 18,000 people were lucky enough to attend this in person out of 20 million applications. This event was bittersweet because many of us were hoping that a world tour would ensue but unfortunately Robert Plant decided that this was a one time gig and that he had no desire to pursue Led Zeppelin further.

I saw Plant and Page back in the mid 90’s and that was a serviceable attempt at seeing any form of Led Zeppelin in person but this would have been one of the few times I would have saved a couple hundred bucks to attend if they had toured. Oh well, this movie will have to do and then on November 19th the cd/dvd/digital copies will release as well. Go to Led Zeppelins official webpage to get movie locations.

Here is the official trailer. Get excited.


One response to “Led Zeppelins Celebration Day Is Coming to Theaters and DVD This Fall

  1. I’m stoked to see this…on DVD. I have probably been a Zeppelin fan longer than and more fanatically than any other band in my catalog. Regardless of the down-tuning to meet the key of Robert’s voice that can no longer hit the high notes that he used to, I love the nostalgia of it all. There is nothing else in the world, as far as music goes, that could make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, than this show. I’ve been waiting for it for almost 5 years now. I started to think it wasn’t going to happen, but I guess the jack-offs at Atlanta wanted to wait, but I don;t really care. I want to watch it, like the first time I watched the Song Remains The Same on VHS. Mouth agape and tunnel vision, fixated on the tv. I was never old enough to catch LZ when they were together, so this and that was the closest I could get. I normally wouldn’t thank a big tyrant record label like this, but thank you, Atlantic…for finally fucking releasing this.

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