Draconian Has Found Their New Female Lead.

That my friends is the first promo pic of new Draconian female vocalist, Heike Langhans. Anyone that knows me or has visited this site for a long time knows how big of a fan of Draconian I am. And it was almost devastating to hear that Lisa Johansson had left, albeit for good and noble reasons. The band in their press announcement seem to think it took a long time finding a replacement but actually less then a year is pretty good considering how fickle the fan base was going to be on a new singer. In fact here is the band’s press release on finding Heike.

It has been nearly a year since last we braced the stages and said our goodbyes to Lisa. We had no intent of collecting dust and taking up old man’s hobbies, so we set out to find a new female singer. For a band such as Draconian, this is no easy task and quite possibly the reason it has taken what seems to be ages. We thank our friends and fans greatly for their patience and a great thanks to everyone who took the time to apply for the position. We rifled through more than a hundred applications from countries far and wide and ended up finding a suitable singer in the most unexpected country of them all.

The Horde is pleased to announce our newest member, Heike Langhans – all the way from South Africa. She has since relocated to Sweden in order to join the band and has fit it superbly. She’s a true doomster at heart and brings an even greater emotional flair to our sound. Our journey thus continues and writing for the new album has already begun.

As Fall approaches, we ready ourselves for some serious rehearsal, recording and tour planning. We look forward to seeing you all out there again!

After the jump is Heike’s statement and a bonus treat of hearing her on her first vocal performance with the band. It is on a Lake of Tears tribute album and it sounds like she will be a worthy replacement for the great Lisa Johansson but the jury will obviously still be out when the next full length is released.

Greetings to all,
I will start off by saying that Lisa will be dearly missed. Replacing a voice such as hers is a concept foreign to most fans, myself included. I’ve listened to Draconian for many years and share the same sentiments as you do. She will never be forgotten and we wish her well for the future.

That being said, this is a new era for Draconian and one to look forward to. My joining has not been an easy process. Dealing with Embassies, Migration boards and countless authority figures has delayed the joining process slightly, but we do what we can and remain patient. All in the name of doom.

The last few months have been busy indeed. Traveling back and forth, rehearsing and getting to know my new surroundings has been exciting and hard work. I used to believe it can’t be done, but I’ve proved to myself and others that everything we are passionate about in life is worth fighting for.

As a new member, I have prepared myself for the positive as well as the negative, but would like to thank all the kindness I’ve received so far from fans upon the release of Draconian’s ‘Lake of Tears’ tribute song, ‘Demon you/Lilly Anne’. Though my part in it was not big, it’s a little taste of things to come. I’m immensely excited to share a stage with these like-minded individuals and to touch the hearts of people all over the world with our musical poetry.

I’ll see you all soon!
From my heart to yours,

Embedding is disabled on this vid but here is the link to Youtube.


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