Kamelot's Video For 'Sacrimony' Is Very Kamelot-y

Kamelot debuted the video for the track Sacrimony for the forthcoming Silverthorn album and one thing is abundantly clear. New vocalist Tommy Karevik indeed had nothing to do with the making of this album but is just filling a spot vacated by Roy Khan. He has the look, the song is a definitely a Kamelot track that Khan would have been happy singing, and the video has some of the same effects that videos dating back to March of Mephisto have. Though Elize Ryd and Alissa White-Gluz are much easier on the eyes then Shagrath. Here is the video in all of it’s overdone glory.

Personally, just from what I’ve heard so far this is going to be more of the same from the band. No real chances taken just the same old same old. Maybe that was another reason Roy Khan left. You can only regurgitate the same look and sound so many times before people get tired of it. Now I’ll sit back and wait for the emo and outraged fanboys and fangirls yell at me for those comments. Seriously people you need to get a thick skin otherwise people will attribute Kamelot fans as being giant pussies. Oh they already do? My bad.

One response to “Kamelot's Video For 'Sacrimony' Is Very Kamelot-y

  1. I saw Kamelot a couple of years ago, and live they were fantastic. They just don’t seem to cut it in their studio recordings anymore. Ghost Opera was the last album with anything compelling on it.

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