Burnt Offerings: Paragon – Force of Destruction

I have had a lack of postings lately due to real life.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.  I have had a chance recently, though, to listen to Northern German Power Metal band Paragon’s latest album, Force of Destruction, released a few days ago.  I haven’t really heard much by the band previously, but upon learning that Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) was the producer on this album, I would give it a shot.  After all, if the lead dude from Iron Savior sees something in them, there must be a chance of a worthwhile discovery.

Well, yes, I think Paragon are a worthwhile discovery in the Power Metal genre, but the Iron Savior influence is front and center right from the beginning with the song structure and even the sound production.  Not really a surprise, I suppose.  Sielck makes a vocal appearance on Blood & Iron.  His metal brother, Kai Hansen, is also there contributing to the song.  Aside from the Iron Savior-ness of Force of Destruction, I also hear some influence from other German Power Metal stalwarts such as Gamma Ray and Grave Digger in particular.  If you enjoy German Power Metal, you will like this band.

The first several songs are mid- to fast-paced, straight forward head bangers.  I can’t say the band is doing anything groundbreaking or especially original, but they do execute their songs in a professional and polished manner.  I would essentially call them a solid second-tier German Power Metal band, nothing more, nothing less.  The choruses are catchy enough and I have to say I like XXXX’s vocals, mid-range and powerful.  The songs are full of cliche-ridden lyrics, not too surprising I guess.  Should have expected the cheese-factor to be present – and it is.  The previously mentioned Blood & Iron is a slow paced tune, sounding like something Grave Digger might do.  I enjoy the guest vocals, but the song just drags on and on, clocking in at over 8 minutes.  That might be acceptable for a Doom band at this pace, but it seems like an eternity for Paragon.


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