Kane Roberts' 'Unsung Radio' Now Available For Purchase

Back in August I did a Retro Pick of Kane Roberts, former guitarist for Alice Cooper. Now, Roberts has a 2-disc set available for purchase.  Roberts  has released ‘Unsung Radio’, a collection of previously unreleased and Phoenix Down material.

The double CD release features a re-issue of Kane Roberts’ 3rd solo release (the 1999 Phoenix Down album ‘Under A Wild Sky’) along with a full CD of 11 unreleased ‘rough’ songs that scan from Roberts’ pre-Alice Cooper recordings to a few years ago, including several Jim Peterik co-writes and an additional audio commentary. During the commentary Roberts explains what “was happening during the recording sessions and other nonsense”.

‘Unsung Radio’ is limited to 500 copies, is sure to be a much sought after collector’s item, and can be ordered by visiting the Firefest shop at www.firefestofficial.com.

Earlier this year Kane Roberts reissued his ‘Saints And Sinners’ solo album through Yesterrock Records. The album wwas released in two versions — the original 10 song CD and a limited edition (only 500 copies) two CD set featuring four bonus tracks.

Kane Roberts is well known as guitar player for none other than Alice Cooper. He can be heard on the albums ‘Constrictor’ and ‘Raise Your Fist And Yell’. He also performed live on the tours for these albums. The guitarist as well was involved in writing the songs on these two albums and in charge for adding the heavy metal flair of the late 80’s to Alice’s sound.

Roberts’ on stage performance was branded by his masculine looks and his utopian looking, pyrotechnical guitars. After leaving Alice’s band, Roberts released his first, self-titled solo album in 1987. The lyrics of the song “Full Pull” were co-penned by Alice Cooper. In 1989, the guitarist appeared as a guest on Cooper’s ‘Trash’ record on the song “Bed Of Nails”.

‘Saints And Sinners’, Kane Roberts second album, was released in 1991 and included the Jon Bon Jovi written track “Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?” which also has been recorded by Cher.


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