That Devil Music to Go Back Into the Abyss At the End of the Year.

Much like the bands we cover and listen to there comes a time when events and things change to where we need to move on to other directions. After 4 and a half years or so of being in existence That Devil Music is shutting it’s doors at the end of this year. It definitely was a hard decision to make but ultimately needs to be done. For those of you that have been around at or near the beginning you may or may not be asking why. Well to not go over the gory details to much but events have changed away from here that does not afford me the time to put into the website like I used to. I would have loved to have video interviews, a regular podcast and maybe even some ‘Bub swag but I just don’t have the time to put into it to make those things happen. This shouldn’t really come as a big surprise as we’ve been barely active over the past three months or so. The lack of news and releases we collectively cared about was extremely slim and actually made it easier to walk away. Metal and hard rock is still worth writing about and promoting though. These guys and gals bust their ass year in and year out to make music a select few listen to and are passionate about and make very little in return other then appreciation from their fans. I hope my little slice of the internet helped in some way to get the word out on bands that deserved the attention even if we weren’t always happy with the results(both in music and our writing about it). But regardless it’s been a fun ride and cool things have come from it. 20 years ago if someone had told me that I’d have a website and be able to talk to a numerous group of respected metal label people and musicians I would have laughed in your face. It’s been a great experience.

I’d like to thank various people over the years that have contributed to the site:

Scott who allowed me to park my butt on his host for no monetary recompense. Now a slot can be opened up for something else. Scott was also invaluable in the designs of the site and assisting getting pageviews up and contributions too many to count here. Just a big thank you dude.

Harley who agreed to write for me and as a novice learned quick and brought in some great pageviews and content I would never have put in myself. Harley might give this a shot on his own in the near future so keep an eye out on a spin off site tentatively entitled Burnt Offerings.

Draeden for being there near the beginning and bringing some controversy, interviews, and publicity to the site.

Ken who was the most consistent contributor this last month or so and really put in the core of what this site was about, older metalheads staying relevant or honoring the past. Thanks dude and we’ll have our own conversations still at work:)

There are others like Martin, Brian, and Paul who I’d like to thank for the contributions as well.

Fellow bloggers.

Jimmy at Heavy Blog is Heavy and Grover at The Number of the Blog(R.I.P) for invaluable advice and friendship doing this blog thing. I would have liked to have had an audience half the size of you guys but then again it would have ben double the headache probably:P Check out these guys at the new overly ambitious project The Monolith.

Now to honor some musicians.

Rhiis Lopez of Ana Kefr. We developed a cool internet friendship and I hope Ana Kefr finds the success you guys so richly deserve.

Masaki Murashita of Hemoptysis. I’m still bummed I couldn’t finally meet you guys in person but congrats on recent success and here is to more of it in the coming years.

There are others to, especially the ones that contributed to our one and only compilation. If you haven’t received yours yet get on that, half the bands on there have now signed to some form of distro or label deal. Thanks to everyone that was so agreeable to be on that.

I didn’t want to lose all of the content and effort everyone put into the site though so you will be able to find That Devil Music archived at the free site There might be content occasionally between now and the end of the year but it will be sporadic. If you have liked our page on Facebook I give a hearty thank you. I’ll most likely keep that page open until after the first of the year but will dismantle it eventually.

I enjoyed overall interacting with people and especially the people that became regulars. Obviously there are the trolls to. I’d still like to know who the asshole was that was impersonating No Clean Singing and Angry Metal Guy on the Metalsucks comments but whatever, he should be happy that TDM is going away. It’s always fun whether on the internet or at a live show to interact with other people, either by agreeing on things or even debating and disagreeing. Metal is like no other genre on the planet as far as camaraderie and diversity. Let’s continue to embrace it.

You’ll still find me lurking in the comments on some of the name sites and who knows, maybe I’ll try this blog thing again when I’m 50 and have finally lost touch with the current stuff. Thanks again for checking out That Devil Music and see you on the flip side.


8 responses to “That Devil Music to Go Back Into the Abyss At the End of the Year.

  1. Sad news, but totally understandable. I know what it’s like when stuff going on in RL gets to be a lot more essential than blogging 🙂 I’ll miss reading your updates, but wish you all the best for future endeavors!

    • Thanks Steff, I’ve enjoyed your friendship and wish you luck in Kiwi land yourself. Maybe one day I’ll make it out there or even to Wacken and we can catch up in person:)

      • That would be awesome – and I’ll hold you to it. After we’ve finished building, we’re planning a trip over your way, so we’ll see … m/

  2. R.I.P. to TDM. My favorite news and reviews site for metal the last few years. I enjoyed the experience of the few posts I contibuted. I wish you all the best in the future. And, the Compilation of the Damned is the best metal sampler one can get! And it’s free! Every metal head should have a copy. It could well become the “No Life ’til Leather” compilation for some bands. M/etal

  3. When I first discovered the universe of “metal blogs” a couple years ago, there were tons of them to wade through, but before long I found I was able to distill them down to a handful that seemed relevant to my own interests, and which I have continued to pay attention to regularly.

    This has definitely been one of the good ones, and there’s nobody out there (as far as I have seen) who covers the early years of metal (and people who are carrying that tradition now) better than TDM.

    Born at the end of the 70s and growing up during the 80s, eventually I discovered metal but I later found out there was a lot of great stuff I had missed out on because I was just a little too young to have experienced it when it was new.

    This website has helped bring my attention to some of the things I might have missed, reminded me about some I might have forgotten, or let me see that there is still a lot of great old-school sounding stuff happening now.

    Thanks for everything Rob, and also Scott, Ken, Harley, Cdee, and anyone else who has contributed to making this place great. You will be missed.

  4. Oh, hell, no. From the day I set out to try my hand at this blogging thing this has been one of the first sites I visit for information and inspiration. So, so sorry to see it go.

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