About This Little Slice of Hell


That Devil Music was created in June 2008. Originally it was just a personal space for me to talk about heavy music, but after some ups and downs it’s become another resource on the internet for news, reviews and other stuff from fans of the music. And that’s what we are, is fans. While That Devil Music is my baby and like a father I’ve watched it grow it’s expanded to bring in a few others that just want to talk about the music, and get the word out to others so the bands that make the music can continue to do so.

The music business is a rough place these days. Without fans, bands can’t survive and these days the internet is what keeps the music afloat. My hope is that this place is another helpful hand in the success of the artists and the industry.

Keep in mind though, while we strive to help the music, that doesn’t mean that we will sugarcoat everything in the industry. There are bands, events, and genres that are a detriment to the industry and will be occasionally called out on it. If we don’t like something, you will definitely know it.

Also, while this site is called That Devil Music, it does not mean we are satanists. The title comes from the phrase my mother and probably other people’s parents used to use to describe the music. So to go with that theme, you will see alot of references to hell and satan and the like. Just roll with it and keep your bible closed. It’s all in fun.

So enjoy your stay and I hope everyone involved gets something from being here. Now let’s get out of here; it’s starting to get warm.


-Rob Liz


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