Harley's Top 11 of '12

This is my last post for TDM and I have to say I have enjoyed blogging here.  Many thanks to Rob for taking me on and to Scott for his support through the year.  Next year I will be contributing to We Love Metal, rather than starting my own blog at this point.  “Real life” just has too much going on, from finishing up my master’s degree, a 10 week intensive military school, another 2 week National Security course, helping run a photography business, and a move next summer to who-knows-where with a new job to learn.

I have been absent lately from here due to demanding classes in school, last minute trips for work, and spending 3 weeks in October and November supporting the response to Hurricane Sandy in NY & NJ.  Plus a quick vacation in October.  It’s been a little crazy and Metal blogging has taken a back seat.

All that said, the reason for this post is to share with you my top albums for 2012, as well as my song and show of the year.  It was really a hit or miss year, with few hits I think.  It is impossible to predict if any of these will be long-term solid albums, ones I go back to years from now and stand the test of time, but there may be a handful of candidates.  My list consists entirely of veteran bands, averaging over 8 full length album releases over their careers, so no one-hit wonders here.

Some albums that were close, but didn’t quite make it to my list are Varg’s Guten Tag, Kreator’s Phantom Antichrist, Sabaton’s Carolus Rex, At Vance’s Facing Your Enemy, Rush’s Clockwork Angels, and Diablo Swing Orchestra’s Pandora’s Pinata.  Here we go…..

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Devil’s Review: Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud


Ahhh, Hevy Devy is up to his old (yet fresh) tricks again with his project’s latest album Epicloud.  I used to disregard Townsend’s style back when all I knew about him was that he led Strapping Young Lad.  They came across to me as a chaotic sound experiment at times, and the joke was on the listener.  Now I recognize what he was doing then.  I really didn’t go back and listen to SYL until after I had discovered his solo stuff, particularly the album Synchestra – a bit a genius if you ask me.  Epicloud is the 5th installment from the project and the album lives up to its name.

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Free Metal: Insideout Music Offers Free Devin Townsend Project Compilation

Insideout Music is offering a free compilation download of songs spanning the career of Devin Townsend from Ocean Machine to Addicted. The catch is that you have to connect via Facebook or Twitter and then sign up to a mailing list before they’ll let you download it. The tracklist is below (not in particular order).

  • By Your Command (Ziltoid)
  • Christeen (infinity)
  • Coast (Ki)
  • Deadhead (Accelerated Evolution)
  • Life (Ocean Machine)
  • Material (Physicist)
  • Mountain (Terria)
  • Sit in The Mountain (Infinity Demos)
  • Supercrush (Addicted)
  • Vampira (Synchestra)