It’s Been 10 Years Since Dimebag Was Taken


It’s been a long time since I did a blog post but I’ve just realized it’s been even longer since Dimebag was tragically murdered. On December 8th, 2004 to be exact. I was just going to post what I had said on the 5th anniversary of his passing but when I read it, it was too brief and conveyed nothing really but a lazy tribute. So without further ado here are my thoughts about Dimebag done properly 10 years after his passing.
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The World Premiere of Pantera’s Piss Happened Last Night

I’m going to save the horrific nightmare that was the 2012 Revolver Golden God Awards for a separate post but here is by far and away the best thing to come out of it last night. The world premiere of the “new” song ‘Piss’ by Pantera made it’s way out in the world by way of a music video. The track apparently was on the cutting room floor of the Vulgar Display of Power sessions but is still undoubtedly a Pantera tune and a good one at that. The video itself is a snapshot of the typical Pantera fan as envisioned by pretty much anyone who has been around one and that’s not a knock just an observation. Overall it’s just a celebration of the fans and that’s a cool thing. Unlike what the Golden Gods Award show was trying to be. Check out the video and song below.

20th Anniversary of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power Get’s a Release Date

We were just talking about this in the chat the other night for Metal Metaldown and the question was asked if there was a release date. And yes there is finally. Rhino Records will be releasing the 20th Anniversary edition of Vulgar Display of Power on May 15th and it looks to be be chock full of goodies. I remember what a kick in the teeth this album was upon it’s release in the wake of many of more well known thrash bands going soft. While Cowboys from Hell gets it’s due Vulgar is the one that catapulted Pantera into being a force in the metal world. After the jump is all of the details of what’s to be on this anniversary edition.
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Devil Music A-Z : Pantera

If I was to make a list of the top 10 most important metal bands there is no doubt in my mind that Pantera would make that list. Not because I’m one of the biggest fans in the world but because of the contribution to metal they brought. I discovered Pantera at about the same time as most people did with the release of Vulgar Display of Power. Please don’t contradict me and say that Cowboys from Hell was the big launch point for the band because quite frankly that album didn’t pick up steam until Vulgar was released. But here you have this little band from Texas that came out in the wake of the Seattle, San Fran, and L.A. scene that woke up the world out of the malaise that metal was in at the time. All of the infamous heavy bands were mellowing out or on an extended break at the time, grunge was winding down, the legends were having key personnel changes and it just seemed like metal in general was dying a slow death. But with a lethal mix of hardcore,thrash,groove, and a dash of southern style Pantera quickly became the heaviest band on the planet by the time the Great Southern Trendkill was released.

And with all of that comes the ton of bands that were influenced by Pantera. Lamb of God, Sign of the Southern Cross, Slipknot, and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few. Suddenly there was this whole new breed of bands that were putting the aggression back into metal and revitalizing the hardcore scene. If it wasn’t for Pantera bridging the gap between the thrash era and modern metal post 2000 it’s quite possible that metal would have gone even further underground then it did in the 90’s. And the biggest reason for this I believe was the playing of Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Dimebag’s unique style with tone and riffs made the band what it was and though there have been quite a few imitators none of have come close to the original and in quite a few cases fall completely short. To close this entry out here is the song that I think fully encapsulates what grabbed me about Pantera and what truly made them great.

Cinco De Metal: Taking A Look At The 5th’s

With metal news at a slow, sludgy crawl lately, it’s apparent that we haven’t had much here to talk about lately. So on this 5th day of the 5th month of the year, I’m going to talk a little about the 5th album of 5 of my favorite metal bands.

Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: By it’s release in 1973, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath had quite a bit to live up. The band had already released four albums of epic proportion. The band had also done enough blow to cap the rocky mountains. Somehow, Black Sabbath were still not out of gas and to this day, Tony Iommi can still write amazing riffs and solos. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was a cleaner sounding album than their previous albums. it also showed a bit more melody in both guitars and vocalization.

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Primal Concrete Fucking Sledge!

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says; Pantera was and still is amazing. Good old heavy riffed, energetic, intense American metal. Say what you want about the States. Say our government is fucked; call our society “Unhealthy” and even go so far as labeling our entire country a “shithole”. At least in America we don’t have to have an army of police regulating shit at concerts, beating kids with bully-clubs and dragging them out of the concert for having a little fun. (If I’m not mistaken, this concert was in 1990 in Moscow, Russia, just a year before the fall of the Socialist Republics in 1991.)

5th anniversary of Dimebag’s passing


It was brought to my attention today from my friend Malastrana that today is the 5th anniversary of the tragic shooting death of “Dimebag Darrell” Abbott. Pretty much anything I’d have to say would be redundant stuff that’s been said time and again since his passing. There was no denying though the impact Dimebag’s music had. His style of shredding was unique but what really stood out in my mind is the hooks and riffs he came up with . Powerful and groove laden and yet to be matched to this day by anyone. So in honor of “Dimebag” here is a montage of vids of my favorite tracks illustrating just how bad ass Dime was.

That Devil Music would also like to convey condolences to the families of Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson,Erin Halk, and Nathan Bray who also lost their lives that day.

The Greeks know their metal Part III

Ok. I’m rested and refreshed and ready to tackle the next 25 on this list of metal albums blessed by the gods of Olympus. Let’s do it.

50. PARADISE LOST – “Icon” Melodic thrash stuff. I reeeally tried to like this group. Musically it’s not as good as Opeth and his vocals fall short on both clean and cookie monster for me.

49. WHITESNAKE – “1987” Odd. I didn’t realize they had a album titled this. If it’s the self titled album from that year…’s not metal. Whitesnake is and has always been hard rock.Period.

48. ANATHEMA – “Alternative 4” I should probably check these guy out since they’re compared to Katatonia. Speaking of. Where is Katatonia on this list. Come on Greece.

47. NEVERMORE – “Dead Heart in a Dead World” Cool. More Nevermore goodness though I wish their albums would be ranked higher on overseas polls. They’re starting to really hit the underrated territory.

46. ACCEPT – “Restless and Wild” Interesting this album ranks higher then “Balls”. It’s good though for old school straight up metal.

45. PANTERA – “Cowboys From Hell” Classic stuff. This was a transition album that got people noticing.Pantera was getting away from the spandex and hairspray crap into thrash. A bit of both on this album.

44. OZZY OSBOURNE – “Diary of a Madman” Ozzy makes a appearance here solo finally. Ah the good old days when he was stoned, drunk and out of his fucking mind. I like this album better then Blizzard.

43. SLAYER – “Seasons in the Abyss” My favorite Slayer album. Songs like Skeletons of Society is the kind of thrash I like. Mid tempo with cool riffs and vocal phrasing instead of just constant shouting like on later releases.

42. CANDLEMASS – “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” Wake me up when we get to 41.

41. JUDAS PRIEST – “Defenders of the Faith” My favorite Priest album. Everything else after sucked until Angels imo. Go ahead and bitch at me in comments.

40. JUDAS PRIEST – “Sad Wings of Destiny” Whoa back to back entries.Some classic tracks that get covered on in here like “the Ripper” and “Victim of Changes”.This was when they were more prog then anything else and trying to find their identity. They’re still looking.

39. SEPULTURA – “Arise” this got the boys from Brazil noticed and my second favorite album by them. Good guttural chugging thrash here.

38. OPETH – “Blackwater Park” Nice…Opeth finally makes it on here. Interesting that this is ranked above some serious classics. Mikael had finally started refining his grunts where they were more coherent. And music structures were getting more complex if that’s possible for Opeth.

37. SAVATAGE – “Gutter Ballet” Great album. This pretty much set the tone for how ‘Tage would be for the rest of their careers. Prog and power metal mixed but done well.

36. SYSTEM OF A DOWN – “Toxicity” Some nu metal besides Slipknot finally on here. Though their sound is more hardcore and punk influenced. Saw them once live and they were nuts.

35. EXODUS – “Bonded by Blood” Classic but I don’t like it. Nice to see some other Bay area pioneers on here.

34. DEEP PURPLE – “In Rock” Influential but nowhere nears as popular as some of their peer’s albums. I don’t think there is a track from this album that gets radio play. At least here in the states. Odd that this is so high up.

33. DREAM THEATER – “Images and Words” DT’s best selling album. Dropped right at the end of metal’s existance on old MTV. Such a kick ass album.

32. HELLOWEEN – “Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II” Classic and must be more popular here then back at home. Otherwise I can’t see why it ranks so high.

31. IRON MAIDEN – “Iron Maiden” Intro to Maiden with Paul Di’anno on vocals. I couldn’t get into it because Di’anno was such a shitty vocalist.

30. RAINBOW – “Rising” Wow the Greeks are all over the map in what they like. Some of these albums are all but forgotten over here but they get top 30’s there. Classic Dio stuff.

29. IRON MAIDEN – “Somewhere in Time” One of the best albums by them. Back when they had the power to write concept albums in one song.

28. IRON MAIDEN – “Piece of Mind” Double duty and a crap load of Maiden in this batch. This album is awesome except for the track Quest for Fire. God that song sucks.

27. OZZY OSBOURNE – “Blizzard of Ozz” Surprised that this doesn’t rank higher but then again I shouldn’t be. The Greeks are a bit bizzare I think.

26. MANOWAR – “Hail to England” The power these dudes hold in foreign countries is truly amazing. Especially since they’re from the Bronx.

Ok. This is more work then I thought. But we’re almost done. Check back later for the top 25 drunk on Ouzo selections by these wacky Gracians.